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As a former job seeker, I feel there is a clear gap between competencies taught at school and what’s needed in job hunting. This awareness motivates me to provide training to university students about end to end job hunting process covering:

  • Determining companies to work for

  • Preparing CV & cover letter

  • Professional networking and personal branding

  • Answering interview questions


As a person who once applied and landed a job in a management consulting firm, I realize that the selection process is quite unique compared to other selection processes. One of the phase that I think is unique is case interview. Case interview is a phase in the selection process where interviewee will be asked a business case and expected to crack it in short period amount of time. I often give training on case interview for consulting firm job seekers and thank God, help some of them to get the offer in the consulting firms they admire.


I have been involving in public speaking for quite sometime. My involvement mainly revolves around delivering argumentative speech on diverse topics including but not limited to social issues, international relations, economy, etc. I actively train some of my colleagues to do public speaking whenever they are about to speak in major conferences.


Discussing about quarter life crisis, building romantic relationship, handling difficult situations, and other issues commonly faced by millennials is one of the thing that I enjoy so much. 

If you are interested to discuss with me about any of those topics above, reach me out at

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