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Promising sectors to work for in Indonesia (Part 2)

Promising sectors to work for in Indonesia (Part 3)On one of my previous article, I wrote about career trend in Indonesia. In case you have not and would like to read, you can find it here . On that article, I explained about three sectors that have promising employment opportunity in the future. They were agriculture, renewable energy, and marine. In this article I would like to explain two other sectors which are education and environment.

Education: Better quality and access to make the best of demographic bonus

There are three reasons why education has a very great prospect in Indonesia. Firstly, with increasing population, there is growing need for education. Between 2020-2030, Indonesia will have 70% of its population on productive age (check grey line on the exhibit below). This phenomena is recognized as demographic bonus. Education will play a very critical role to determine whether demographic bonus will be a bonus or disaster for Indonesia.

Grey line represents estimated percentage of working age population that will reach its peak between 2020-2030

Image credit:

Secondly, with higher intensity to secure decent job, education institutions have to improve their quality to enable their graduates to lead in the job market. With ASEAN Economic Community, job seekers are not only competing with fellow Indonesian but also with other job seekers across South East Asia. Not to mention, there are plenty of Indonesians who study abroad and look for job in Indonesia. At the same time, most of education institutions in Indonesia still require significant improvements to produce graduates that are highly demanded by job market.

Thirdly, more stakeholders are participating in education sector. Globally we see the emergence of education based enterprise globally such as Khan Academy, Udemy, Coursera, Udacity, Lynda, Linkedin Learning, Docebo, etc. In Indonesia we have, zenius, HarukaEdu, Bulletinboard, KelasKita, Kelase, and many more. Not to mention, more and more corporations have business / Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) related to education. Our government is also making education more and more accessible through scholarship in both in local and international universities through Bidik Misi and LPDP Scholarship.

Environment: Growing awareness about the importance of preserving mother earth

The world is currently facing global warming, a phenomena of increasing world’s temperature that is caused by excessive production of greenhouse gasses such as carbon dioxide, methane, nitrous oxide, and fluorinated gas. It has tremendous impact to human being including but not limited to sea level rising, flood, pollution, extreme weather events increase, severe droughts in some area, food supply disruption, and many more. Countless discussion between countries around the globe has taken place. The world are holding hands and encouraging every countries, including Indonesia to take part to tackle or at least minimize its impact.

A polar bear is in danger of losing its habitat due to global warming

Image credit :

In United Nations Climate Change Conference in Paris, President Jokowi stated that Indonesia had the commitment to reduce 29% emission by 2030 independently and up to 41% with international support (Kompas, 1 December 2015). This commitment is translated to more regulation and pressure imposed to corporations to be more eco friendly. Deputy Governor of Spatial Planning and Environment DKI Jakarta, Oswar Muadzin Mungkasa, has a vision that by 2030, 60% of all buildings in Jakarta should adopt green building concept.

On top of that, there is emerging trend of increasing awareness about environment through movements and campaigns. On February 2017, campaigners from Bye Bye Plastic Bags, Bali-based environmental youth group, advocated for an island-wide ban on plastic bags. This was mainly driven by increasing plastic waste found in multiple tourism spots in Bali. Although they have convinced Bali’s governor to commit to make the island plastic-bag-free by 2018, transformation on legislation, regulation and industry guidelines is needed to save Indonesia’s from drowning in waste. This situation clearly drives the demand of experts in environmental issues.

On my next article, I will cover about one other sector that also has great employment prospect. What sector is it? Subscribe to my website to be the first who get information about that by clicking here.


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